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lower alabama and west coast of florida are next. it's the news story of the coming days and we're on t your world begins now. >> neil: look, another protest going on having nothing to do with illegal immigration. this is wall street as we speak. unions demanding a crackdown on big banks. across the country, anger builds over the crackon on illegals, ground zero today for both. welcome, make wall street pay, the rally cry today of the afl-cio. union members converging on wall street today. their beef with the capitalist system they say running amok. the president of the union saying it's time big banks pay up. what about the unions? is it time for them to pay up? first, charles payne in the middle of that rally. what is going on there?
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>> well, neil, there's a speaker, a couple speakers honored me, i feel like i'm an a concert. but this is the beef. the afl-cio wants five things, extension of lifeline for jobless workers. we have some people in america on unemployment two years. they want to rebuild america schools, roads and energy systems and want the president to increase state aid and pull people back to work and tarp funds to work for main street. but looking at the signs, there's a variety of them. hold banks accountable, modified loans of feed the needy, not the greedy. it's interesting because half of the people are angry at the banks and the others believe wall street is the reason america's in the position it's in now. >> neil: any good guess, are you
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hearing from authorities, how many are showing up? we're told a lot of them are in mid manhattan brokerage offices. what's going on? >> reporter: well, looking for 10,000. my guess is 1500 to 2,000, we're two city blocks. as it gets later, more people are filing in. the crowd is interesting. all the noise is coming from the speakers. maybe it will pump up the crowd when a main speaker is scheduled to speak any minute. >> thank you very much. obviously nothing is happening to you given some of your comments you've made. charlie payne in the middle of a union protest against big business. my next guest says the unions need reforming. brett, you think that it's the wrong side protesting here.
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what do you mean? >> yeah, you know, i find it amazing and galling that these guys were sitting on a responsibility for a pension fund system that is massively underfunded with hard-working people finding out that the promises made to them by the people, these people have been responsible for, overseeing at least for that period of time, all of a sudden they're disappearing. this problem way predates problems we've had on wall street. th galling and frankly the union presidents, their pension funds are fine. they have 90 to 110% of the money required to meet obligations but in my industry, in particular construction, the average union pension fund as 55% of the money for future obligations. >> neil: there's not a lot of concession on the part of the unions. they have friends in the white house and in congress. even with healthcare they have
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about $60 billion worth of concessions and benefits their way. has anyone mentioned that today? >> still plenty money for politics. i enjoy that. the problem on -- with their friends is they're crafting the next bailout bill as we speak. there will be hearings on may 13 on a bill by senator casey to create a taxpayer funded liability for pension funds that are literally -- they're not recover able at this point but they continue to hold them out because it keeps union members inside unions. if they had a chance to own these assets, they might be able to have a chance as a decent retirement. it's just stunning what these people are capable of. >> neil: within your group is a division in the union or is this the sentiment, they feel the wind's at their back. they have friends in washington
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so they feel like they can take on a stumbling financial system? >> yeah, they -- no question they feel the wind is at their back. by the way, the people working for -- paid by unions for many years are now in a variety of administrative positions at every level of government. those people have wind at their back. we're feeling it every possible way you can. >> very good. thank you very much. we're going to peek at -- wall street, wall and broad, downtown manhattan but also other areas in midtown. meanwhile to the crackdown on illegals. lawmakers in fife states are pushing for very tough immigration laws like arizona. in ohio today, a call for a initiative after the governor said that he would veto such a bill if it reached his desk. courtney combs and butler county sheriff ricky jones want voters
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to decide. they say illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from legal citizens. so sheriff first to you, you know how this has been labeled in arizona. race baiting. is it? >> no. it's not. that's the same thing they say for the past three years. they'll say it's bigotry and racism. all it is is a law that already exists with the federal government. there's over a million police officers in the united states and the federal government, ice agents use that and it's in existence. we want the authority. there's only a few thousand ice agents and over a million police officers. it's the same thing they've said, the system's broke n ohio, we're broken and our governor refuse to say help so mr. combs and myself are trying to go around the governor. >> representative t the governor is saying no way.
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-- the governor basically last night in a press conference was asked -- the sheriff and i sent a letter to the governor asking him to push legislation that has passed the senate in ohio. two bills in the senate have passed and have been sent to the house. i have one bill in the house we've had a hearing on. but nothing is being done. last night, the governor was asked, governor struck land, was asked what do you think about the combs proposal? basically he says if it gets to my desk, i will veto it. >> neil: i wonder if a lot of that sentiment is coming from what he sees in arizona, saying i don't need that headache. what do you think? >> well, i think he's afraid. it's an issue that has come around, sheriff jones and i have been working on this several years, we're one of only a couple of elected officials. we've been on the border. sheriff jones and i two years
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ago in august went to co cheese county and the sheriff invited us down. we were on the border and saw what was happening. we're going back. >> neil: i want to get to that but we did invite governor strickland on by the way and he declined. sheriff, this comes up again to the races charges, that are you pulling people over because of the color of their skin? or are you pulling them over for another event, say speeding or they don't have a taillight, what leads -- >> it's -- you have to commit another crime. it has to be a reasonable suspicion. you have to be suspected or -- police officers are smart people, these aren't stupid people. they're trained just like the federal acts. i was deputies trained in 287g that gives them the same authority to enforce immigration laws but they have to go to
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class by the government. we don't stop people by the color of skin. >> neil: what i want to know is what is different now say in arizona and what you hope to see in state? you always pull over speeders and people who are swerving on the road. >> but we can't ask -- we cannot ask for papers. we're not allowed. we're forbidden to ask for papers. >> neil: you can ask for a license. >> hey, hell, i have to -- i get asked for my driver's license and social security card. probably on a daily basis when i go to the bank and into buildings. it doesn't offend me. why not show your i.d. if you're here legally and you come in, you have to have your papers own anyway. >> neil: good point. representative, i'm sorry, we're crunching time. weapon you see what's going on in arizona and protests and all that, do you think it's hurting your chances? do you think that there's a
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dustup with the arizona diamondbacks in chicago today but -- anyone in ohio is going to say illegal immigration is a problem but this is is bigger problem. >> well, i agree. but the citizens of the majority of the citizens are with the bill that's in arizona. here in ohio we're finding the same thing. we're seeing a large majority of people fed up with this immigration thing. the federal government is nothing doing their job. the federal government would do their job and close the border and do the right thing, the states wouldn't have to do that but they're forcing us. we have to take the heat and we're willing to take the heat. >> there's 10% unemployment in ohio, no wonder the governor doesn't want to go on. >> neil: i don't know his reason. maybe he doesn't like me. thank you very much. representative, sheriff's, we appreciate it. >> with a swipe of a pen she
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started a storm and the arizona governor telling us she handling that storm. greta is back today to report that storm could be getting a lot bigger. then, the president's new debt commission, apparently it's racking up debt. a lot of debt. we're on top of it. [ music playing, indistinct conversations ]
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>> neil: lawsuits could be mounting over arizona's immigration law. latino clergy group fueling one today. at least three states considering legal action against arizona. the state's governor telling us they don't have a case. >> the hysteria and misinformation is alarming to say the least. certainly if there's reasonable suspicion, they would ask for identification. and it is a federal law, of
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course, to -- if you're an immigrant to carry your documentation. if you don't have it and you're arrested you have to prove you're a citizen. you are not, you will deported. >> neil: there's so much more in that interview but the woman to conducted it, greta, she did not and does not seem concerned by this fuss. >> she has a lot of support in arizona so she's not disturbed by the external noise. if there are economic boycotts at a lead to an impact she might be concerned later but i got a sense that many people in arizona -- i hate to speak for the governor, but they say this as a wakeup call and are saying to the federal government, you haven't done something, we're going to do something. if you watch the top of our show last night. we played sound bites from then
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senator clinton, we played them from president bill clinton and back to ronald reagan. >> neil: that was very effective. go ahead. >> it wasn't my idea but anyway -- >> neil: that's a mistake, always claim credit for good ideas. >> what is showed it everyone said in the federal level, yes, we must secure our borders but nobody's done anything effectively. so finally, governor jan brewer in arizona, they're doing something, whether it's constitutional or not, it's a wakeup call and mass gotten attention. i think these not disturbed and welcomes this in some ways jew >> neil: you mentioned she might not welcome not only the lawsuits but the economic boycotts that could have a genuine impact. it's a big meeting state and a lot of companies like to be vanilla pure on this. why risk going to a place that
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causes innist. if that happened, how likely is that on the legal cost side? >> i don't know what the cost is, that's more your business, the cost. i don't think it's necessarily a legal problem that she's facing because she's only concerned as a governor with the -- at least in this aspect, with the constitutionality of the is it the ute -- statute and there's question whether the state has the authority to do what it's doing. even if this is not the state trying to do immigration policy, if the words of the statute and the types of stops police make are constitutional. in terms of the economic cost, it's hard to predict what impact it will have. we had a los angeles city councilman to intends to prevent people and official business from the city government from going to arizona.
4:18 pm
i don't know how much business the l.a. city council does in as arizona. my first thought was they have enough trouble in california, they should worry about their own state. >> neil: could i ask you a question as a lawyer, say i'm driving in arizona and i'm pulled over for speeding. not that i would but i am. i'm told to get out of the car, i'm embarrassed and people drive by and there's a suspicion i'm illegal. i'm not, i provide the proper documentation but i'm so ticked off that i sue for harassment or whatever. say there were a lot of folks who do that. do they have a case? >> first of all, if it's a legitimate constitutional stop you're out of luck. say it's unconstitutional and the police officer went too far. what do you get? that you were annoyed? that you were irtate?
4:19 pm
there's not a lot damage, not like one broke your arm or did something that has a lot of damage so you might spend a lot of time making a point. i'm not sure it's the best use of your time. although if a -- at some point the statute needs to be challenged for constitutionality so the state of arizona knows whether or not this is constitutional or not but the thing that i have been concerned about, which is different, is this. if you're doing something weird, casing a joint. police have the authority to stop and ask you questions. perry versus ohio. the supreme court decide that had case. the question i have is under this statute, if you're just standing on the street corner doing nothing, can police ask you if you are a citizen? that would be constitutional but the governor says you can't do that under the statutes and that's not something the police will do. with you we're in uncharted
4:20 pm
waters and the course will sort it out but maybe the federal government will wake up that arizona needs help. >> greta, if you could help us out and spread these interviews you get around here, you've got -- you have marshaled them all. greta van susteren. she gets phenomenal guests. >> in washington, talk ain't cheap. at the president's debt commission putting us further in debt? first an update on the workers at the securities and exchange commission caught watching this. ♪ oh, yeah. >> say they got their happy ending. ta-da!
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a follow-up story. here's the skinny on the skin. remember the folks at the securities and exchange commission caught on the job watching this? music. >> any questions? >> yeah, whatever happened to those guys? what happened to the ones who were spending as much as eight hours of their workday surfing this? not much. none of them got fired, not a single one. nearly 30 workers caught looking at, you porn and skank wire. nothing happened. some quit. the government suspended some, warned some of the but canning none of them and they're still on the job. there you go. porn to surf. here's a figure that isn't who did but the next guest calling it obscene. $500,000 is the reported price tag for the president's debt
4:25 pm
reduction commission. citizens against government waste, vice president david williams, says get rid of it. this is just now kicking off and it's already a half million in expenses. >> crazy. and i did common sense. if we want to get rid of debt and deficit, don't bail out major industries and cut spending. there, i've done it for free. >> neil: how many members are on the commission? >> i think about 18 members on this commission. but it's not needed because the government's response to everything is to create another commission. create another bureaucracy. but people understand that when you're in debt, you don't spend money. you stop doing that. and they're going to come out with a great report -- i say great if quotes because it's not earth shattering, but it's diagnose to say we're spending too much as a country.
4:26 pm
there's not a political will in congress -- >> neil: but you're pretty good as washington history and you know commissions in the past, like the military base closing commission, did in fact provide cover for congress to decide on which bases would be closed and it was effectively administered. i'm not a fan but sometimes they work. who is to say that a little bit of money to get one set up to address just that and provide cover for a lot of weasels isn't a bad idea? >> what's going to happen is with the base closure commission, you had one issue. that was a military issue, now you're talking about social security, you're going to talk about medicare, you're going to talk about progression across agencies and politicians will get their dander up and not let pet programs be cut. that's the problem, too many constituents involved to make it effective. >> there is a point where even
4:27 pm
the sleaziest of congressman recognize we're up against a wall. we can't send out more? social security checks than we're taking in. that medicare, even with this so called new lease on life via healthcare is in deep trouble. even they have have to take up some of the commission recommendations which will no tout address both, right? >> it's going to be window dressing. that's all. we're facing a huge problem with entitlements and show me one member of congress that's going to tell people you're not guilty getting your retirement or social security. that's political suicide. no one wants to be on record -- it's not politically viable. >> what was the most expensive item in the half million dollar thing? >> travel and lodging. you're going to have hotel stays, you're going to have
4:28 pm
flights and some of the members -- >> neil: i want to see they're cable bill. david williams. you ever wonder why arizona a governor did what she did? she looked at these scenes in mexico and feared what would happen if she didn't. [ male announcer ] designed to function the way you funion. the lexus rx. ♪ at your lexus deal.
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>> neil: drug related violence, border violence here and the as law making it illegal to be illegal causing controversy everywhere. my next guest says the ran arizona is clamping down is a crackdown on violent crime. you say it's been getting out of control there. >> i've been saying that a long time. look, the bill that the governor of arizona signed wasn't a law. it was a cry, a shriek for help. people in washington who live in posh homes in georgetown or pa poe mick maryland or virginia are divorced from the reality of our southwestern border. people there in life and death situations every day, they live in a different america. in arizona, only acted because the federal government refused to act while just across our border, while we're playing games, toilet training
4:33 pm
afghanistan, on our southern border in the last five years, a narco insurgency has killed 22,000 people. the death tolls are accelerating, spilling across the border and washington looks a. >> neil: it's interesting when you look at phoenix crime rates versus new york city, you could see there has been a dramatic uptick and what's more, on a per capita bases a frightening surge that dwarfs the percentage in new york. phoenix versus san diego, same deal. border violence this year, first quarter verse last year, a spike. arizonians are frightened. >> they're the victims here. as we triple walled the southern border in california and locked
4:34 pm
it down, it pushed the crime, the drug smuggling and human trafficking northeast arizona. i personally -- i'm not -- i love arizona, a spent a lot of time there but trails, beautiful trails i used to hike in the southern arizona border with mexico, you can't hike them in the daytime anymore. they're not safe. >> neil: what's not safe? what happens? >> those trails are used by drug smugglers and immigrant traffickers, they're strewn with garbage and filthy and they're full of gunmen and killers. it's a sad case where one state of the union, arizona, feels it's been abandoned by the federal government and the other 49. look, it's all well to yak about human rights for illegal immigrants. what the human rights of our citizens and ranchers and victims of crime in meanings and
4:35 pm
elsewhere, when is the federal government going to protect american citizens. >> neil: thank you very much. we'll have more on this later in the show. always a pleasure. >> people against the arizona immigration law are protesting the chicago cubs. arizona diamondbacks came to wrigley field shouting boycott arizona. even arizona ice tea caught up in this and the company is not in arizona, it's in new york. it's making sure everyone knows -- we're not in arizona, hoping to avoided boycott. the next guest is urging people to buy arizona to sport new law. radio talk-show host tony cats joined joins me. a pleasure to be here. i can't tell you how real it is in terms of the economic impact. what i can tell you is we're seeing the political hack class decide to go after businesses
4:36 pm
and employees and employers for their own political gain. and that's not right. that's not an acceptable thing and we, the people, millions of people across the country who support not only the law but we support these business owners, we don't believe people like the mayor of san francisco, gavin newsome, the councilman in a los angeles have the right to attack these business owners and employees for their political gain. >> are you getting any reports of businesses that are avoiding even having conference in arizona because as i mentioned earlier, a lot of these guys avoted any controversy. they might agree but don't want to be associated with it. what are you hearing? >> i had to drink my nonarizona arizona ice tea. >> i don't know that, that was interesting. >> a couple of guys from new york who know marketing. good for them.
4:37 pm
that's what they're supposed to do. new york ice tea doesn't have the ring arizona ice tea. a group of lawyers actually are immigration lawyers that cancelled a convention in scottsdale so we're seeing cancellations. i personally called the scottsdale chamber of commerce and had people tell me they get calls saying we'll never step foot in arizona again. with the buy arizona initiative, find out more at all patriots we're saying we support arizona businesses. that this boycott you're seeing from the political class, they're going to use this as a campaign stop to raise money by exploiting employees on the backs of employers and business people. my show, the radio spectacular, is offering free advertising to arizona. we're doing one ad a day.
4:38 pm
tj mccormick dos an internet radio show and will do the same thing. we want more people offering services to arizona businesses because we're behind them. >> neil: all right. tony, thank you very much. good seeing you. >> great to see you. the backyard barbecues are going to grill your wallet and you can blame it on the green gas you're pumping into your tank. if you can't beat 'em, leave em. florida's governor moments away from casting away his own party. we'll talk to a man some say started it all by backing the governor's competitor. because senator jim demint is here.
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4:41 pm
enough to make me become a vegetarian. not quite, get ready to go holy cow. wholesale price for beef leaping more than 20%, pork up more.
4:42 pm
chicken up too, record prices expected at shore shelves -- store shelves. eric says it's because are the green agenda. >> here's how it works, obama shows up at a ethanol plant. what is it made out of? corn. prices go up. you eat it to prices go up in the supermarket but you also use it to feed your cattle. two types of cattle, live cattle used to breed and make dairy so milk prices will go up. then the fear cattle, the ones fattened to be slaughtered to be part of your memorial day grilling and those prices are going up. you push ethanol, price of food go up and the other problem is when you use ethanol in gasoline, you get lower gas mileage. the bigger carbon footed print.
4:43 pm
you use energy to produce the corn and energy to did i say till -- distill the corn and a lot of water in the process. >> neil: how long does it last? >> let me tell you, the feeder cattle are up 23%, that turns to food prices in the next 15 to 20 days. it's going to go up and the other side is as that happens, gasoline prices are going up too. oil prices, $85 a barrel on the way up. i really think he needs to concentrate on drilling here rather than using corn to produce ethanol that doesn't work. >> interesting stuff. thank you very much. eric bolling, star the "fox business." >> charles payne in lower manhattan with his union buddies, what's going on down there? >> well, the speakers have
4:44 pm
begun. we've had the head of the afl-cio. what was interesting with -- he said wall street got $7 billion. i didn't want to say maybe you're two or three zeros short but it's a lively crowd and you can hear behind me there are passionate speakers. one woman is on the verge of losing her home. a woman with aids. all of them feeling like they've lost something because of wall street and that the overall economy is victimized. >> that is going on all day, folks. in the meantime, is crist about to cross? the republican senator cross if he does. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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in minutes, good-bye grand old party for florida governor charles crist. he's expected to announce he's going to run under a third party for the seat. will a flip have a fallout for republicans? south carolina senator jim demint joins me. good to have you. >> thank you. neil. >> neil: if he leaves, is he persona none persona none grata? >> i think so. this is what happens when they care only about the numbers and winning and no longer care about the principles. people vote republicans because they want limited government and free markets and individual responsibility. they vote democrat because they want more from government. it's clear whether it's arlen specter or charles crist they're in it for themself and if they can't win as a republican, any party will do.
4:49 pm
>> neil: what if he wins as a third party candidate and it's like a joe lieberman, as a independent he wins and the democrats have to call back to him. might you, if the governor were to win as a third party candidate, be in the same position? >> i don't think that's going to happen because the people of florida are on to charles crist. they heard what he said a few weeks ago with chris wallace. he said he wasn't going to run as an independent. he's flipped flopped so many times they can't count on him i wouldn't. >> neil: by the way, he wouldn't be the first guy to do that. joe lieberman poo pooed that talk. but he polls well in a three-way race and gets annihilated in a three-way race. but are you worried, regardless of what happens in florida, there's a potential fracture within the republican party? >> well, i guess there's always a chance of division. but what i see is completely the
4:50 pm
opposite, republicans across the country are embracing the energy and ideals of this american awakening going on and republicans all over the country are having a very spirited primaries and looking for new faces and folks who come and focus on less spending, borrowing and debt and government takeovers and if the republican in office is not doing that, i think you're going to see incumbents lose. this is not because the party is moving to the right. it's because the american people are asking us to stand up for basic constitutional limited government principles. that's what marco rubio is going to do. >> neil: if you don't mind my switching to the arizona immigration dustup. marco rubio i think -- we'll get a confirmation of that tomorrow. but he's not for what the law is doing. he recognizes its intent but is
4:51 pm
concerned about the fallout and that already a is a divisive issue for republicans in general. >> i'm glad you're going to talk to them about that. like a lot of us, when the law was reported it was misreported as far as what it would do and we were concerned about civil rights but the people arizona don't have a choice. the federal government is not doing its job to protect the people. there's an on shout of people with a large criminal element there illegally and if the federal government doesn't do its job, the states have to and arizona won't be the last to pass tough laws. if we don't stand up for our laws, we're not going to have a country. >> neil: senator, i see your point, but i guess the political point was that republicans who have made major inroads within the latino communities, fairly are not, will see it reversed
4:52 pm
and the promise of marco rubio could be short-lived. >> i work with legal immigrants all the time. people who have become american citizens. i have not met one yet that supports illegal immigration. certainly they support a fair treatment of all the folks here in this country. but they want us to have a rule of law system and workable immigration system that's within the context of a secure border. and if we can't secure our borders, there's no reason to have immigration policies because people will come and go with drugs and weapons and human trafficking like we're seeing on the mexican border. >> neil: i'm reading something the other day, on a political site, they list promises republicans for 2012 and lo and behold your name came up. [ laughter ] well i have no interest in being president right now. what i would like to do is to have an earthquake election this november, stop a lot radical initiatives going on and
4:53 pm
hopefully get behind a presidential candidate who will tell americans the truth. that truth is the federal government's going to have to do less rather than more. >> neil: always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> as i mentioned, tomorrow on your world, republican candidate for u.s. senate in florida, marco rubio, is here. the first reaction to charles crist's announcement, whatever it is, that the governor is switching as a third party candidate, with a better shot at beating that guy. forget about protesting arizona, they're going after the arizona diamondbacks. wow. .
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> neil: dump on arizona, dump on the diamondbacks? take a look at this. wrigley field, chicago. diamondbacks in to play the
4:57 pm
cubs but they were treated to a protest. they were chanting "reform, not racism." the game went on but it doesn't mass it can bigger game going on. the make arizona an example game. the call arizona a racist state game, the let's stop doing business with the racist gang. the san francisco mayor who wants to cut ties with arizona, the california state senator who wants to stop all business with arizona. the hispanic congressional caucus chairman who says he is ashamed of arizona. simply because seven out of ten arizona voters were getting worried about arizona. in arizona. that the illegal immigration problem was getting out of control in arizona. hospitals overwhelmed, schools overrun, joet voters overwrought, who looked to the government to do something and wouldn't and look at the violence south of the border but knew they
4:58 pm
would come to their state if they didn't ask on illegals. since the law was enacted there were 100,000 fewer illegals. were they racially slighted or economically coddled? there is a difference. now we can quibble over whether the law just triggers more lawsuits. i'm not here to debate that. just that the folks in arizona deserve better. few of us in states where this is not as much of a problem can't see their problem. we don't border all that violence, we don't see all that violence. we don't experience the cost or the waste. we see only the rallies and the stars. we see shakira getting ready. we see something bad is happening. and figure it's going on there. something bad is. as if it's becoming illegal to treat illegals like
4:59 pm
they're illegal. they are. even those everyone knows they are and everyone sees it as that. not a single racist hurling protester eer has the simple dignity to admit that. forget not letting a team play ball. for once, you would think, and a lot of the protesters and the media would play fair. because the people of arizona, the seven out of ten folks there who endorse this, are not part of a clan. they're just worried. walk around in their state. and then you'd know the state. all right. i'm going to see you an hour from now on fox business network. this is, as i said, affecting a lot of things. politically and now economically. i want you to meet the clergyman filing a lawsuit challenging the arizona immigration law. this could be the first of many. the

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